Color & Pattern Information

See Patterns page for examples

I like to use combinations of four colors in each piece to achieve a sense of depth and richness of color. You may choose any four of the following colors for me to use or you can give me a general idea of color preference or you can leave the choice up to me.

If you have preferences for certain patterns, refer to the photos that illustrate the different ones that I’ve created. Or, you can give me a general idea of whether you would like an intricate pattern versus a bolder one. I also offer you the option of letting the clay
speak to me as to what pattern seems right for a particular piece.

All pieces are available in the more muted B-Mix clay as shown on the “Patterns” page. If your preference is for B-Mix please specify, otherwise pieces will be made in porcelain.

Colors: Blue, Brown, Peach, Peacock, Purple, Raspberry, Teal, Turquoise, Yellow, Plum, Olive
Patterns: Windows, Free-form, Bubble, Feather, Wave, Jacob’s Ladder, Floating, Rivers, Ladders, Cross-currents, Canyon Eddies, Thrown and Carved, Pinched and Carved, Leaves

My colored clay work is dishwasher and microwave safe. If stains appear on the surface you can use a scrubbing pad and cleanser to remove them.